Thursday, June 28, 2007

Press Bias

The first thing they (PBS) told me- "Fire your partners... Because they are conservatives."

Nope, no bias there. Just one more data point.

Now, as sure as the sun rises in the east, some leftie is going to cry about Fox News. Not getting cable, I don't get to watch Fox News. However, having spent several hours on aircraft this past week--Frontier airlines and its DirecTV video feeds--I watched some Fox News. Instead of puff pieces on the President, what I saw most was stories and tidbits about how Ann Coulter inferred John Edwards was a "faggot" and how she and Edwards' wife apparently now have some feud going. I didn't see support for Coulter, I saw reporting of facts. Some might say it was "fair and balanced".

Update, 7/1/07: FoxNews published Susan Estrich's anti-Coulter column. Yep, Fox sure is a right-leaning leviathan.

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