Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Moral Bankruptcy of Greens

I consider myself an environmentalist in that I believe we should find ways to be less polluting and despoiling of our environment. I'm not a political nutjob environmentalist, though, seeking to end modern prosperity.

I've written before about the movie Mine Your Own Business. Now, let's extend those posts to certain environmentalists in general.

These enemies of the poor say they are "stakeholders" wishing to "preserve" indigenous people and villages. They never consider what's wanted by the real stakeholders — those who live in these communities and must endure the consequences of harmful campaigns waged all over the world...

They harp on technology's speculative hazards and ignore real, life-or-death dangers that modern mining, development and technology would reduce or prevent. They never mention the jobs, clinics, schools, roads, improved housing and small business opportunities — or the electricity, refrigeration, safe water, better nutrition, reduced disease and fewer dead children...

One could justifiably call it eco-manslaughter — or a racist experiment on powerless, impoverished Third World families...

Would any of the greens, politicians and celebrities who clamor to keep the world's poor "indigenous" (and thus impoverished, energy-deprived and diseased) care to live that lifestyle for even one month? Would they exchange their 10,000-square-foot mansions for a hovel, give up electricity and stop globe-trotting in private jets?

We all know the answer to those last questions.

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