Thursday, June 21, 2007

Choice, or Racism?

John at Discriminations has the sad story of a public school for the arts in Los Angeles County. First, he quotes from the LA Times:

Its student population is now 47% white, 20% Latino, 15% Asian American and 14% black, in a county whose student population is 56% Latino and only 11% white. Despite recruiting trips to predominantly Latino middle schools and classes for students not fluent in English, Arts High still struggles to enroll Latinos.

John adds:

The country bureaucracy and some of the school’s staff regard those numbers as a problem to be solved, which has led to an increasingly nasty struggle between parents intent on preserving artistic excellence and other parents promoting more diversity.

“What [the county] wants is demographic normalization,” said one concerned parent.

I keep telling you. The diversophiles on the left don't care about excellence or even choice. They want everyone, everything to be the same drab gray. Every time I hear stories like this I think of concrete buildings in the communist bloc.

Is anyone alleging racial discrimination? Is anyone alleging any sort of bias? Is there anything wrong with giving people a choice, and having them not choose to attend a school--even if they'd add racial diversity to that school?

Paternalistic and minstrel, that's what it is. Sad, sickening, statist. This is what the left offers us.

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