Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Teachers Union Mentality

If you think this is the attitude only in Michigan, you're being struthious.

Asked by the LSJ Editorial Board for the MEA (Michigan Education Association) strategy, (MEA President) Salters said tax increases, while demurring on any actual budget framework.

Pressed on the question of teacher health benefits - long a budget problem for school districts - Salters said, "I'm not sure our members have benefits that are superior to what's found in the private sector."

And asked MEA's top non-budget priority at the Legislature, Salters said it was ensuring local school districts could do payroll deductions for union members to contribute to union political activity.

Michigan's schools are under budgetary assault. The state economy teeters. And the message of the teachers' union is raise taxes and protect our prerogatives?

Hat tip: EIA (see blogroll at left).

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