Thursday, February 22, 2007

Students For President Polk

When I saw the following on an email list of which I am a member, I knew I had to post it here. I've received permission to do so, and here it is:

Last year a discussion developed in class about the Presidents we've had. I posed the question, "If you had one choice, which President would you liked to have had a private dinner with in the White House knowing what you know now about him now?"

At the time I posed the question, we had already examined all of the Presidential administrations so they were not unfamiliar with the entire list.

Generally, the majority picked the ones you would expect .... Kennedy ... Reagan .... FDR ... Teddy Roosevelt ... Lincoln ... Washington ... Jefferson ... etc. But a dark horse showed up that was totally unexpected. More than a few picked ... James K. Polk!

This really intrigued me and I asked why they chose him. Of those who did, there was one consistent response ... (summarized) ... "When Mexico spat in his eye, he conquered the country against Congressional opposition, and that's how we acquired CA, AZ, NM,western TX." Of 240 students, the dozen who chose Polk were all in separate classes.

I thought that was intriguing but gave no more thought about it.

I've just been informed, there's a new student organization that's just been authorized ... The James K. Polk Memorial Association. It already consists of 30 plus members and they are selling T-shirts with a picture of James K. Polk on them.

The criteria for membership is that you have to be able to identify who James K. Polk was and what he did.

But, after digging around, I found out that the organization is comprised of those who think Mexico is pushing us around on the illegal immigration issue and their battlecry is, "Where is James K.Polk when you need him?"


Interesting, indeed. My kinda club!

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Pomoprophet said...

ha! How long until that club is shut down? I just like that students are getting history and applying it to modern day situations!