Thursday, February 08, 2007

Not A Banner Year For Super Bowl Ads

The Human Rights Campaign didn't like the Snickers ad, and their whining got it yanked from the air.

I've heard from students that some organization of fast food workers has complained about the Kevin Federline commercial, which I found hilarious. I haven't read about any such complaints, however.

And now, a suicide-prevention group is complaining about GM's robot ad.

I take back what I said about the Federline commercial. From the link above:

The ad is the latest from the Super Bowl to come under fire. Earlier this week, a commercial for Snickers candy bars was benched after complaints that it was homophobic. And aspiring rapper Kevin Federline apologized after a restaurant trade group said it was insulted by an ad that starred him as a fast-food worker.

Of the three, the complaint about the GM ad is the closest to being reasonable (in my very humble opinion). But come on. If your self-esteem is depreciated by a freakin' Super Bowl commercial, you need more help than just having the commercial yanked.


Ellen K said...

I thought that in general the Super Bowl ads were boring and trite. Several weren't even new. And I totally did not understand the one with the lobsters.

Mister Teacher said...

Why is it that only the restaurant trade group is insulted by Kevin Federline? I would think musicians, celebrities, and just people in general would be insulted by his implied inclusion to their groups.

Darren said...

Mr. Teacher: sad, but true!