Monday, February 19, 2007

New Global Warming Post

My recent posts on the topic have too many updates, so let's start a new thread. We can cross the pond, where the Independent Online reports that organic farming may have a larger so-called carbon footprint than mass factory farming? For you normal people, that's leftie-speak for contributing more to global warming.

Update: The Economist points out a couple of obvious problems that American global warming fanatics downplay. Isn't it cultural arrogance to make the US the center of the debate?

Update #2, 2/20/07: The unintended consequences of promoting hybrid cars.

Update #3, 2/22/07: Calling him "the Goracle" adds to my view that belief in man-caused global warming is more like a religion than anything to do with science. In the article, some even say so openly:
"From my perspective, it is a form of religion," said Bruce Crofts, 69, as he held a banner aloft for the East Toronto Climate Action Group amid a lively prelecture crowd outside the old hall.

"The religion for this group is doing something for the environment."

I've been telling you.

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs (see blogroll at left).

Update #4, 2/23/07: I received the following from an email list of which I am a member, and received permission to post the following comments here:

This constant state of scientific flux probably is also one of the reasons that I view with great skepticism the certainty with which the global warming theories are propounded. The 1970s may seem a long time ago to our younger Forumites; to me it is the time of High School and applying for colleges, and I can remember being told with the same degree of certainty that we were on the verge of a global cooling. Since I am an engineer, I require proof, and I have yet to see a climate model that, when fed historic data all the way up to the mid-90s, can accurately predict today's climate. Since I write software and have been doing "maintenance" software since 1992, I've seen how much utter crap there is in the software world, and I'm only willing to trust a software model when it can produce accurate results when fed accurate data. So far, no climate model has lived up to this standard, which means they're all crap. Yes, every single one of them. I also believed that there was a close correlation between CO2 levels and temperature until recently, when I saw solid evidence to the contrary. I also note that the so-called "hockey stick" is no longer spoken of by those in the know because this phenomenon, once spoken of with such certainty, has been demonstrated to be bunk given a longer look at climate records.

The author of those comments has been known to read and comment on this blog before. So Mike, if you see this, thank you.

Update #5, 2/23/07: It's not icecaps that are melting. It's the consensus on global warming.

Update #6, 2/23/07: More examples of the Gore Effect, this time in Toronto and Rhode Island. My favorite comment:

No, not a poster. That’s it, the game is over.

A poster has won the day for the AGW crowd.

Damn you and your poster!

shakes fist

Go read to find out what's going on.

Update #7, 2/27/07: Instapundit nails it.
Environmentalism should be about good planetary hygiene and honest science, not romantic Luddism...

Burning coal is nasty. As I've said before, you don't even have to care about global warming to be against burning fossil fuels.


ricki said...

Actually, I've heard the "but what do we do about China" argument on college campuses.

It seemed that the general consensus was "The U.S. and other "rich" countries who got to the party early need to gut up, turn off the lights and the A/C, stop driving their cars, and let the Third World people have their fun."

I presume that's because they think it's racist to do it any other way.

What causes global warming said...

Thanks, Darren. Your'e very enlightning in the subject of global warming, It's an urgent matter who could effect our lives (and if not ours, then our children's children) and we should definately learn as much as possible and try to prevent it.