Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Great Firewall of China

Right on the Left Coast: not banned in China!


gbradley said...

I was in china last year, Jan '06.
Basically anything with a Blogspot address didn't work. It sounds like they are opening up a little.

Chanman said...

I checked out the link, and am happy to report that Buckhorn Road is apparently available for viewing behind the Bamboo Curtain. In fact, according to my Map Loco, I have some readers over there!

Darren said...

The statcounter I have on the left gives even more information than MapLoco. I've had several hits from China, although none in the last couple of days. There's no indication that they stated at all, though--with a billion and a half people, maybe a couple just stumbled onto my site!

I notice that all the China hits are in the east, though. Makes me wonder if there's anyone with internet access more than 100 mi away from the coast.