Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Is The Best Way To Combat Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes at Universities?

Why, encourage them, of course!

Read what's going on, and then see if you can accept this closing paragraph:

Done properly, "diversity training" at universities could help contribute to a a vast improvement over the days when "out groups" were relegated to the margins of university life. Done foolishly, it reinforces stereotypes, relies on caricatures of reality, and encourages both a victim mentality among some, and resentment for being tagged as "the enemy" based solely on immutable status among others. Unfortunately, it seems to be done foolishly quite often.

Many of the comments in the linked post are, as the Brits would say, spot on.

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allen said...

Ignoring race completely.

If there's no distinction, good or bad, there's no reason to line up on one side or the other. You can see how that works in the way race-hustlers try to distinguish people on the basis of race and then try to get special considerations.

But if there's no one forcing the identity group together - a ghetto - and no reason to huddle together for mutual protection - the ghetto again - then the disadvantages of group affiliation loom larger.