Sunday, January 21, 2007

Harvard's Bastion of Sexism

According to an apparent militant feminist, Harvard's landscape architecture department is a "bastion of sexism".

Martha Schwartz, 56, complained that the department has never had a tenured female professor in its 106 years.

The time frame notwithstanding--since our culture didn't allow women in such jobs for a healthy part of those 106 years--maybe Ms. Schwartz has a point. I think we should check for tenured male conservatives in the Wymyn's Studies Department, in any of the fuzzy social sciences (that excepts econ), the English Department, the...


rightwingprof said...

Of course, what they bury in the last paragraph is the size of the department: only six tenured faculty. That's tiny. And though the gender demographics of the students in the department is irrelevant to the question, they don't bother to say how many students there are, or how many classes they teach.

If it's a small department by all criteria, they would be idiots to start adding tenured faculty.

Darren said...

Such additional information would not fit with the narrative, though. Sexism--and probably racism, ethnocentrism, and homophobia as well.