Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This Is Why Some Schools Don't Succeed

Yes, they may be in high minority, high poverty areas. But that alone doesn't explain why they don't succeed. Teacher Steebor's attitude, however, goes a long way toward explaining why they don't.


rightwingprof said...

I'd love to hear this twit explain how race has anything to do with acting like a civilized human being and conforming to behavioral standards -- explain it, that is, without implying that non-whites are incapable of civilized behavior.

That's the bigotry of liberalism, of course.

George said...

We certainly can't run around feeling sorry for those unfortuanate students who are "poor". And the idea of "Eurocentric unconsciousness" is hardly proven, and a broken foundation on which to stand. However, I think we (middle class white folks)must acknowledge that our world is very different from those of our students. I do think the neighborhood of a local school should have more say about teacher hires and curriculum. There is much about the system, as it is currently structured, that does not seem to work for most minority students who come from "impoverished" homes. I think we have to accept the fact that a good size group of students are going to reject some middle-class ideas, because their culture works for them right now (and they've seen it work for others).

NOTE: I put "poverty" in quotes because the cash economy (even for non-narcotic goods) in the neighborhood where I work is alive and well. I also don't think it is an issue of race, but rather an issue of culture.

Lillian said...

I agree with you George.

It is a 'culture' issue...or what once used to be considered 'sub-cultural'

Good points!