Thursday, October 19, 2006

More Fun at UC Santa Cruz

I'm all for cutting off all federal money, to include Pell grants, to UC Santa Cruz for its violation of the Solomon Amendment. Its students are nutjobs. (Not you, Spencer, unless you took part in this.)


Nigel said...

My brother goes to Santa Cruz...he's a little more reasonable then Spencer though. (Glasgow, right?)
I'll bet you would've gotten along wonderfully with him.

EllenK said...

Sounds like some of the students need to get real jobs and work in the real world. Part of the problem Europe is having is due to the low cost of university education to citizens of those countries. With little else to do, politics becomes a hobby and I think this situation is starting to manifest itself here. I am also betting that some of those protestors have parents that were active during the actions of the Sixties and Seventies. None of these actions take place without someone coming up with the idea and organizing it. The question I have is Why?

Darren said...

I like Spencer--unless he participated in this!

And EllenK, I'm old enough to have a child of college age--and I'm way too young to have participated in those 60s and 70s gigs!

Anonymous said...

You may not want to publish this, but Mrs. Reed's daughter was at the protest, lol....

J said...

Yes, that CA taxpayers have to foot the bill for the marxist-lesbian humanities Funzone at UC Santa Cruz or Berkeley--or the UC system as a whole--is a real outrage. At UCSC they don't even take normal tests: so at the end of the semester of Calc. I (tho' UCSC students probably don't have to make it to that level, instead attending French communist sociology or something for 4 years), do they write an touchy-feely essay instead? "What an integral means to me."

At least one of the UCSC freaks had the right idea and recently leaped off a Market District building to her death. Chancellor Denton, Trend-setter.

EllenK said...

I have kids in college too, but I at least remember those days. And there are lots of those folks who rereremarried and had late in life families. I have a few students whose parents are much older than I am.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"At UCSC they don't even take normal tests: so at the end of the semester of Calc. I"

1) There are no semesters at UC Santa Cruz.

2) Don't have to take normal tests? Obviously you never attended UC Santa Cruz: see #1.

Darren said...

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So, if you google for my name...your site is one of
the VERY few that comes up. ONLY because one random person used my
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Would you PLEASE delete or change the name please?

There are a couple of lessons here.

1. If you don't want your name attached to stuff in the public domain, don't put stuff in the public domain (ie, internet) with your name attached to it.

2. I do not have the ability to modify comments. I can only delete entire comments--which I've done here.