Friday, October 13, 2006

Local High School Student Questioned By Secret Service

Your First Amendment rights to self expression apparently don't include making threats against the US President, an offense under federal law. A Sacramento student was pulled out of biology class and questioned about comments and pictures on a Myspace page. Of course, count on the ACLU to say that it wasn't a real threat so it's protected speech under the First Amendment.

At least her parents admit that what the child did was wrong--then they screw it all up by saying the Secret Service overreacted by even interviewing their cherub.


Scott McCall said...

u know that some kids would go back to class and be like "dude, i just got investigated by the secret a threat to national hu hu, awesome."

and then after the situation hits national news, some kids would be like "hu hu hu, im a start"

freakin kids these days

EllenK said...

I seem to recall that a socalled nice college girl from Cali was kidnapped, brainwashed and joined her good buddies in the Sybionese Liberation Army in a bank holdup. I am sure she was once a nice girl too. Nice girls sometimes do stupid things. Stupidity should always be rewarded.

Anonymous said...

"Cherub"... wonderful sarcasm.

Brook Stevens said...

Does this student go to rio? and is there and article/news about it where you can see who it is?

Darren said...

The article says McClatchy.

Rhymes With Right said...

I've got a nice long piece on this -- I guess the spoiled little brat and her over-indulgent/under-involved parents think she should have ben ignored because she is an upper middle-class/rich white girl from a good home in a nice neighborhood.

I think Hinkley came from a good home in a nice neighborhood, too.

My further thoughts here.

gbradley said...

It's Sad that a 14 year old girl would have such hate on her site.
First off she needs to learn to respect her elders.
I think that it is is despicable for anyone to have a website with the words "Kill Bush", but I realize that it is protected speech.
Protected or not, I think that the secret service is doing a fine job paying this girl a "visit".
I would feel the same way about them visiting someone with similar comments about Hillary, or Bill Clinton.