Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jill Stewart, The California Legislature, and English Learners

Jill Stewart continues to be one of the best education writers around (along with Debra Saunders), as this piece shows:

For now, the Legislature's unseemly war on the gutsy, no-nonsense state Board of Education is over, with our unpopular Legislature abandoning Sacramento for its long annual vacation back in the home districts.

It would be nice if the public - left largely in the dark - could hurl probing questions at local "progressive" legislators as to why they are waging war on the state Board of Education, why they are trying to turn back the clock on Latino kids and segregate them again, and why they are fudging numbers to make it appear that Latino kids are not improving when in fact they're improving faster than they have in decades.

If you hate politicians, you will really despise them when you find out how low our Legislature went to serve the twisted purposes of adult special interest groups at the expense of California's poorest kids. (boldface mine--Darren)

But remember, those lefties are the compassionate ones.

There's a lot more in Jill's column--go take a read.

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