Saturday, September 23, 2006

Grants To Improve Math and Science Teaching

Let's read this short article from the major Sacramento newspaper and see if we can find what's wrong with it:

The California Postsecondary Education Commission has awarded $10.5 million in grants to improve training for science and math teachers in the state's schools.

The grants will provide training for 620 math teachers and 900 science teachers over the next five years.

"California loses about 5 percent of its experienced math and science teachers each year on top of shortages that already number in the thousands. Addressing this issue is critical to the state's competitiveness," said Howard Welinsky, chairman of the commission, which advises the governor and Legislature on higher education policy.

That last paragraph doesn't seem to jibe with the title and rest of the story. Is the problem that our math and science teachers are incompetent and hence need better training? And is that the reason we lost 5% of our math and science teachers each year? How exactly will improved math and science training keep us from losing such teachers?

I don't follow what the point of this story is. The end doesn't seem to tie in with the beginning at all. English majors--can you find the thesis for me, and the supporting statements?

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EllenK said...

I can't find the thesis, but the thought behind this seems to be similar to that of any reality show where animal entrails are consumed for entertainement value. That concept would be that "people will do anything for money". In most cases, it's true. If you've never watched the Peter Sellers movie "The Magic Christian", then you haven't discovered the source of all this TV schlock. As for teaching, what governments and administrations don't seem to grasp is that although more money is *nice*, respect, having a life and feeling safe in your job on a daily basis is more important than a bigger check. Maybe I am wrong and there are people working just for the money, but I haven't run into any of them lately.