Monday, July 03, 2006

What's So Great About America?

There is so much that is good in this article that if I started quoting from it, I'd end up quoting the whole darned thing. So go read the whole thing and see what's so great about America--through the eyes of an Indian immigrant.


EllenK said...

Interesting article. I think one of the problems regarding America's relationships with other nations is that they truly do not understand the chaos that is this republic. I think that is why President Bush is so reviled in European press, they just don't get it that his actions are supported by the power of representatives elected to express our views. It isn't that way in most other nations, either the head guy or gal is a figurehead for their party and hence has no power or they are an autonomous dictator that can rule on a whim. While people may not like the solutions we come up with, they do reflect the overall opinions of the majority. And I think that more than anything else is what bothers liberals as their party moves farther from progressive and into mimicking the Green Party's platform.

KauaiMark said...

This is too good not to post elsewhere for the July/4 holiday. Hence, I borrowed it for my blog as well.

Great find!


Forty_Two said...

Amarica is not the paradise many like to claim. It is simply a lot better than the third world toilets so many people have to live in. America is a good step in the direction of actually building a civilized world, but it is only a wonderful place to live today if you are healthy, reasonably intelligent, and lucky enough to have spent your formative years in the company of those who are neither abusive nor neglectful.

Darren said...

Horse hockey. It's not the country that's bad if your parents don't treat you well. As for your other points--dumb people can't think America's great? And the "unhealthy"--I'm just not following you here.