Sunday, July 16, 2006

Governor Schwarzenegger Talks The Talk

Now will he walk the walk?

From today's San Jose Mercury News:

Recently, our State Board of Education and Legislature have engaged in intense discussions over how to best teach English language arts to our students, including which books to use and what is the appropriate curriculum.

The board's decision to maintain high standards for all our students and not push for separate books, curriculum and classes for students of different backgrounds is the right path.

California has made tremendous strides toward achieving world-class standards for our students. We must have only one standard for all our children and one way to test whether students are meeting that standard. We shouldn't segregate and isolate kids in separate classes simply because English is not their native language. We don't advance this course of action out of any false sense of pride or ego. We do so because it is best for our English-learning kids and for California's future.

It will be easier to believe his sincerity once the state Board of Education has its funding restored.

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