Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fairfield-Suisun, A Perpetual Hellhole

Page 26 of California Educator, mouthpiece rag of the CTA, has an article about yet another protest in the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District, located about an hour away from the capital. These protests are nothing new; in fact, they're rather common. Apparently Fairfield-Suisun is a cesspit.

If the CTA truly wanted what is best for its members, it would put a lot of money into that district. It would attract attention, discuss school board elections, ensure it's members don't roll over and accept yet another contract that amounts to eating dung--in short, it would work for results. However, that's not what CTA is all about. In fact, I dare say that CTA likes having that cesspit; the status quo, through convoluted reasoning that only a union hack could understand, actually serves CTA's interests in a couple areas:

  • the 1200 teachers in that district still have a need for CTA, despite the fact that nothing changes; and
  • CTA gets a beautiful demon-enemy in the form of the district administration, a demon-enemy they can point out to other districts and say "You need us to protect you from people like them".

I grow tired of reading about those people. To paraphrase the vernacular, either crap or get off the pot.

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