Friday, July 28, 2006

A Day of Nature

Immediately after breakfast we drove up Pikes Peak. Many interesting sights on the drive up, our stay on top, and the drive back--marmots, a herd/flock/group of over a dozen Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, and a two-ship of F-16s who flew by at eye level less than 100 meters from the Summit House! Had I been up top and seen then coming, rather than on some rocks below the summit, I'd have set the camera to video and filmed them.

From there we went to Cave of the Winds. That was muy interesant.

After the cave we drove through Manitou Springs on our way to the Garden of the Gods. We wandered the park and took dozens of pictures. By the time we were done it was dinner time--Olive Garden!

For those who knew Colorado Springs when I knew Colorado Springs, Old Chicago, Fargo's Pizza, and Meadow Muffins are still here; the Candlelight and P&B's are not!

Oh, pictures will be posted when I get back to Sacramento. Gawd I love it here.

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