Thursday, June 08, 2006

Summer Reading List For Conservatives

Conservative Comebacks To Liberal Lies

I have a teacher at my school who honestly believes that the union, which is entitled by law to my money even though I don't want to give it, should be free and able to give that money to politicians because "corporations do it".

Perhaps he should read the book, too, and get his facts straight.

My comeback, btw, is that corporations give money to members of both political parties, whereas unions give money overwhelmingly to Democrats. Additionally, corporations are giving their own money away--no one forced anyone to patronize their businesses or buy their products--whereas the union is giving away money that was taken, not earned. Doesn't matter to him. He likes what the union does with my money, so he wants them to keep taking it from me.

Oh, did I mention he teaches US history?


EllenK said...

This afternoon,there was a discussion on our local talk radio about the core of the two parties. One thing that was interesting is that although the leadership of the unions overwhelmingly support Democrats, their membership vote for Republicans more than half the time. I think that this may reflect the views of some teaching organizations as well. I belong to one mainly for insurance, but I used to be in TSTA which is the Texas wing of NEA. It was pretty amazing what came through the emails regarding different political situations. Sometimes I would find myself in agreement, but more often than not, I would find something suspicious in the wording or the implications. It's been my observation that most of the younger faculty members are liberal and very vocal. The rest of us either avoid politics at school or discuss views only with trusted friends. After getting shouted down after a faculty meeting, I learned to sidestep the issues. What is really strange is that the kids we teach come from some of the most conservative areas of the state. If their parents only knew....

Darren said...

I teach in a fairly upscale area and we have lots of conservatives in the area. I'm vocal about my politics because I don't like to have to pretend I'm someone I'm not. It's amazing how many parents know about me and tell me at Back To School Night how glad they are that their child *finally* has a conservative teacher.

EllenK said...

I have to tread lightly since I am an art teacher. It will be very interesting when I launch into AP Art History this summer. They can argue current politics all they want, but you can't argue with historical fact. It's going to be a busy year.....BTW, the issue that I got shouted down on was after the local newspaper published comparative salaries of coaches. Ours make anywhere from 160% to 300% of what I do. I hope my kids are all coaches.