Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sleeping With The Students (Again)

You know what kind of story it's going to be when EdWonk ends it thusly, "Thou shalt not sleep with thy students. Period."

Of course, I've added a little comment to his post =)


rightwingprof said...

May I add three?

Thou shalt not meet with thy students anywhere but in the classroom or your office.

Thou shalt not meet with thy students behind a closed door.

Thou shalt not become a teacher if thou art too stupid to understand the reasons for these commandments.

Anonymous said...

It was and is stupid. And if you look on the EdWonk page with the article, which has her picture, you will notice that in the comments, there are far too many people willing to let it slide. I wonder if she had been 45 and had a big old wart on her nose, if they would be so forgiving. As for my point of view, I think this is another example of the media allowing someone to get away with something because of how they look, or in this case, because of their gender. If the roles had been reversed I have no doubt the perpetrator would have been crucified in the press. Is there anyone that really thinks it's a good idea for teenagers to have sex with older people on a lark? In this age of AIDS, is that really how we want to approach the issue? All I know is that teaching for the remaining faculty members will be much harder next year, because they will be the ones that have to deal with more rules, more limits and more regulations. She will be long gone. I just don't understand why society is so willing to give someone a pass because of a pretty face.