Monday, June 05, 2006

NEA: Do It Our Way, Or We'll Do It Again 'Til You Do It Our Way

I have nothing to add to this June 5th communique from EIA (see blogroll at left):

NEA Democracy: Keep Voting Until You Get It Right. The Vandalia-Butler Education Association (VBEA) in Ohio is having a hell of a time getting 85 percent of its members to approve the inclusion of agency fee provisions in the contract. So much so, that VBEA President Jeff Mesko sent a blunt letter to members warning of the apocalypse to come if they didn't approve agency fee. There are some items of misinformation in the letter, but my favorite part is when Mesko provides the answers to two "frequently asked questions:"

* "What happens if 85% of Association members do not vote for Fair Share?

"If the Fair Share provision fails again, we will have to go through this tortuous process all over again."

* "If Fair Share passes, will we ever have to vote on it again?

"No. Once again, a yes vote will finally end this issue."

What isn't yet mine will eventually become mine. What's mine is mine forever.

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