Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ticked Off At A Teacher's Blog

Can't say that I envy this teacher, but I can't fault him, either.

Don't like it if your teacher thinks you're a loser and the school sucks? Then don't be a loser, and do something to ensure your school doesn't suck.


EllenK said...

I can only imagine the angst that ensued from the posts. Funny how when the tables are turned, nobody likes the outcome. Yet students frequently lambast their teachers and schools on blogs just like this one. As a teacher, I would hope that I would have the maturity to express myself in a way that wouldn't be taken as blanket condemnation, BUT I will tell you that within that posted rant there is probably more than just a kernal of truth. Too many parents have their heads in the ground assuming that living in a "nice" neighborhood and giving their kids "freedom" and "things" will assure a happy well rounded kiddo. Sure that could happen. OR it could be like in my school, where the very wealthiest kids are often left to their own devices for days at a time while Mommy and Daddy spend the week traveling. They are given hot cars (one kids has a NEW CORVETTE another an ESCALADE!!! I drive a 97 minivan with electric windows that won't go down....which means I end up spilling my Frosty when I go thru the drive thru at Wendy's)they have weekly allowances that equal what I give my two college kids for the month. I overhead stories of parties where kegs of beer are the mildest part of the story. And yet my hands are tied. Even if a kid shows up reeking of weed with red eyes and fourteen orders of french fries, all I can do is suggest that Junior is "tired" and "hungry" and has problems paying attention. Money doesn't equal a good kid. In fact, most of the really good kids I have seen including my own, may not dress preppy (The cheerleaders at our school made national TV when they were caught sneaking vodka in their waterbottles during a football game..), they may not be the snivelling toadies that frequent the student council meetings (Two of those kids were caught with steroids)but they usually have a job, have a goal and don't consider high school to be "the best years of their lives." In short, they are realists. And they are why I stay in teaching.

Darren said...

My guess is there's more than a kernal of truth, and THAT is why people are fuming.