Thursday, April 13, 2006

Some Facts About My School District

From the Education Intelligence Agency (see blogroll at left) comes data on school district expenditures across the country. I clicked on California and found the following information about my own district, current as of the 2003-04 school year:

Rank: #10 in the state with ~51,000 students (less than 1% of the state's student population, and less than 7% of the size of the largest district in the state, LA Unified)

Enrollment change since 00-01 school year: 1.27%

Per-pupil spending: $7577
California average: $7748
US average: $8287 (and let's not forget the cost of living in the greater Sacramento area compared to the average cost of living across the US)

Change in per-pupil spending since 00-01: 7.66%
California average: 11.24%
US average: 13.77%

Amount per-pupil spent on compensation: $6578
California average: $6500
US average: $6821

Change in per-pupil spent on compensation since 00-01: 6.66%
California average: 12.93%
US average: 13.87%

I'm not doing any analysis here, just posting the information.

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