Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Solomon Amendment Issue

UC Santa Cruz disgraces itself. The students who did this are a disgrace, and the administration that tolerates their actions is a disgrace. What are they learning in Santa Cruz, anyway? I mean, besides surfing and pot smoking?

I'll tell you what they're learning--from the Islamofascists. They're learning that if they become an unruly mob, threaten order (or maybe violence), then the cowards will give in to you. Oh, and wear black. And cover your faces--it looks both cool and scary that way.

It's time for the adults to step up to the plate here. Congress should invoke the Solomon Amendment.

Update, 4/12/06 7:15 pm: Look what I find on Instapundit! Apparently great minds think alike.

BLOCKING MILITARY RECRUITERS MAY BE EXPENSIVE: The Mountain States Legal Foundation is moving to cut off federal funding for UC Santa Cruz after the University permitted students to block military recruiters on campus. (Via Michelle Malkin). The University will presumably argue that this doesn't reflect its policy; I'm not sure how that will play out.

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