Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ruling In Favor Of "The Creative Process"

Via YahooNews and the Associated Press:

SAN FRANCISCO - Sometimes vulgarity is not just acceptable but necessary in the workplace, the California Supreme Court ruled Thursday as it threw out a sexual harassment case by a former assistant on the "Friends" TV show.

The justices, ruling 7-0, agreed with Warner Bros. Television Productions that trash talk was part of the creative process and, therefore, the studio and its writers could not be sued for raunchy writers' meetings.

Well, a little sanity from the California Supreme Court.

As for the woman who brought the suit--well, my students might recognize the following words and imagine my saying them with a mocking tone: dee dee dee boo boo boo.

In other words, she was whining and thought she could make a few bucks off it. I'm glad she was smacked down.

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