Friday, April 28, 2006

Read, Understand, and Defend

I'm taking this quote from the comments section of this post because truer words have yet to be spoken:

It's a totally natural progression from socialism to Fascism.

The "masses" will never willingly submit to the schemes of the elite leadership. So the elites naturally have to impose their will by force.

They know what's best for you, after all.

Libs like to call conservatives fascists. Let's look at my New American Webster definition of fascism: a governmental system characterized by nationalism, regimentation, rigid censorship, and suppression of opposition. Now let's compare this definition with lefty thought and practice:

Nationalism. Everything's gotta be controlled by Washington. Score one for lefties' being fascists.

Regimentation. If everything's controlled by the Washington bureaucracy, with no room for federalism, how could there be anything but regimentation? Score two for lefties' being fascists.

Rigid censorship. What with speech codes on college campuses, the so-called expressions of free speech I've commented on in the last few days, the 9th Circus Court of Appeals' recent ruling that's seemingly in direct contradiction of the Supreme Court's Tinker case--the left is no fan of free speech. Score three for lefties' being fascists.

Suppression of opposition: lefties will howl, but this one is self-evident. Of course, fanatics of all stripes will want to suppress opposition. But the moral high ground the left thinks it holds (so-called social justice, multiculturalism, racism) allows no room for dissent--and these are mainstream leftie views, not fanatical. Score four for lefties' being fascists.

Now, continuing with this little thought experiment, let's look at the two countries most often associated with fascism, Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy. Both fit the definition above, no doubt about it. Both also were socialist economies and governments. Socialism, is that usually associated with the left or the right in this country? Score five.

The lifted quote above deserves more than obscurity on some blog. Its essence should be internalized by freedom-loving people everywhere, it should serve as a beacon and a warning.


Chanman said...

Excellent analysis! I have been called a Nazi more than once in my life because of my rightward leaning views, and I have always come back with, "NAZI means 'National Socialism'... moron".

Darren said...

I've done the same thing.

It's like your mother getting mad at you and calling you a sonofabitch. Oh wait, that was *my* mother =)

Dave said...

Ok, Ive talked with several people about your article and this is their response:

a)You Libs like to call conservatives fascists, it seems you are making a statement that indicates you are saying ALL libs like to call ALL conservatives fascists and this is wrong.

b) the definition of nationalism: loyalty and devotion to a nation; it says nothing about government.

c) what the libs are doing now in terms of censorship is what the conservatives did to the blacks in the south during the 60s. Libs slashing tires=conservatives passing a poll tax on blacks

d) The enemies of the Nazis were the Bolsheviks, the lefties. THe Nazis were right wing, the Soviets left, to say that the Nazis are similar to the communists is not right.

Im just trying to offer some discussion....

Darren said...

You're a little off on your history. It was the DEMOCRATS who ran the South before and during the Civil Rights Era. Remember, none of those Southern boys would have been in the same party as Abraham Lincoln. Look it up.

Second, your point about the Bolsheviks being the enemy of the Nazis is true, but meaningless. WE were also the enemies of the Nazis, but we have nothing in common with the Bolsheviks. Remember, Nazi is short for National Socialist German Workers' Party. That doesn't sound very right-wing today, not by any standard. Socialism and "workers party" sounds a lot like the left to me, no matter how you parse it.

But I'll take your comment about nationalism. Lefties today don't care about loyalty and devotion to their country--until they run it. Then they'll *mandate* patriotism. That's just how the left is.