Saturday, April 22, 2006

Let The Dems Have The House

I've decided--given today's Republican Party, I want divided government. Apparently I'm not the only one.

Even before reading the link above, I'd decided that turning the House of Representatives over to the Democrats would be a least-worst scenario. I want to keep the White House in Republican hands, because God knows you can't trust a Democrat on foreign policy--look at our last two Democrat presidents, Carter and Clinton. I also want to keep the Senate--treaties, court justices, ambassadors, etc. Foreign policy and the courts.

Let the Dems go nuts again in the House. Maybe they'll implode by having Speaker Pelosi. Anything radical out of the house would be tempered by the Senate in a conference committee, and even still, the President might finally use the veto pen if something crazy snuck through--well, we can hope, right?

I still support the President because I think he's done right in the greatest issue of our time--fighting terrorism. In other areas, he's made a lot of calls that I wouldn't make, and I certainly don't appreciate the Republicans in Congress who are milking what they can get from the American people before they get replaced by the Democrates who, with great vindictiveness, will do exactly what the Republicans have done.

We don't need a Reform Party presidential candidate. We need Reform Party candidates for Congress.

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