Monday, March 20, 2006

Viewing The Air Show Pictures

I use a generic Blogger template to create this blog and that has some advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that I don't need to know any HTML to get this spiffy looking product. One disadvantage is I don't know any HTML, so when there are problems I don't really know how to fix them.

I've viewed the air show posts with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. The formatting looks much better in Firefox. In IE there are copies of pictures, and text out of place, that aren't there in Firefox. Can't explain it.

Also, Firefox has an interesting feature that I don't see in IE. If you click on a picture, you get only that picture in the window. Click that picture again and you get an enlarged picture (the files I uploaded were about 900K each, and Blogger shrinks them to fit them on the blog) which in just about every case gives a much crisper view than the smaller picture on the main blog page. Even the dark pictures look pretty clear when enlarged. Click the back arrow to go back to the main blog page, then go to the next picture.

Hope you enjoy them.

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