Friday, March 17, 2006

Only In California

I'd like to think this couldn't happen in California, but since it did, maybe it could happen only in California.

Alberigi was diagnosed in 1986 with panic disorder and agoraphobia, a fear
of public places. He accused the county of bias in failing to accommodate his disability.

For most of 14 years with the county's Human Services Department,
Alberigi was allowed to interview Medi-Cal clients by phone, but a promotion he applied for in 2001 required meeting clients in person.

He was denied the promotion and eventually went on permanent medical
disability. He sued the county in 2003.

He won. How much, you ask? Over $6 million.

The man can't meet with people and wasn't hired for a job in which he'd have to meet with people. And for that he was allowed to sue. And win. A lot of money.

This doesn't happen often, but words escape me.

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