Sunday, March 19, 2006

Interesting tidbits

Before I post all about today's airshow, where the dumpling and I spent all day, I thought I'd link to these two posts brought to us via Instapundit (see blogroll at left):

Predictions vs. what really happened in Iraq

Three years of deaths in Iraq equals one month's in Vietnam

I won't get to the airshow post tonight, so enjoy the posts above in the interim.


AmyK said...

The problem with Bush Gushers is that they think the only thing necessary for victory in Iraq is to quell opposition at home.

The only thing that will ever silence Bush critics is an overwhelming victory that our military has failed to achieve thus far. And I suppose the Democrats are somehow to blame for that.

Whether the Bush Gushers like it or not, Bush gambled the future of the Republican party on Iraq. If it ultimately ends in failure, kiss the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court goodbye for the next 40 years.

A small price to pay to finally stab a happy dagger in the hearts of those who seek to oppresses our great nation.

Darren said...

The only thing that rests on the success in Iraq is the President's historical legacy--and of course Iraq's future. WWII didn't win the Presidency for Democrats for 40 years, ditto for Vietnam....

As far as "oppressing" this nation, amyk, you obviously know nothing about oppression--and that's good. But you don't need to badmouth your country in order to demonstrate your ignorance on the topic.

AmyK said...

I know a lot more about oppression than you, Mr. White Male Christian!

I do know this much, the U.S. military has failed to achieve an overwhelming victory. And those spend crazy Republicans will bankrupt us all before it’s over, if their ethics scandals don’t get them forced from power first.

I wasn’t bad mouthing our great nation. I was bad mouthing our inept, racist military and incompetent leadership. There is a difference.

Darren said...

You assume too much, AmyK. As a single parent who's been to family court, I can tell you you don't know a damn thing about oppression. And I have no recourse because it's the *law* that's stacked against me. So save your sob stories about burning your bra.

And why does everyone just *assume* I'm a Christian? We all know what happens when you *assume*.

Racist military and incompetent leadership. The second part is subjective; where do you *possibly* get a racist military from? Because we attack a non-white enemy? What about all those times (say, Bosnia) where we attacked white enemies?

AmyK, you're a fool.

AmyK said...

People assume you are a Christian because you are an unabashed Republican.

Darren said...

Of course, all Republicans are Christians and vice versa. Every Republican a Bible thumper!

What stupidity.

I guess every Democrat is a PETA supporter? Or a gay marriage supporter? Or a big fan of abortion? Or a union member? Or is anti-military? Or doesn't believe in the pledge to the flag? Or wants to raise taxes?

By the way, one of those describes me. I'll let you figure out which one it is. And it's not "union member"--I resigned months ago.

Darren said...

And actually, I should rephrase something. It's not "everyone" who assumes I'm a Christian. It's only the leftie commenters on this blog who do.

That speaks volumes to me.