Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Stupid Sexual Harassment Claim

Honestly, can a 6-year-old really "sexually" harass someone?

Only if the definition of sexual harassment is so broad as to be meaningless.

On its Web site, the National Association of Elementary School Principals issued
a statement titled "Sexual Harassers Can Be Elementary School Students." It
concluded by saying:

"It is critical that principals act quickly and take
sexual harassment very seriously. Remember that anything that is offensive to
the opposite sex can and might be considered sexual harassment, including
tugging at clothes, name-calling, and playground teasing. Cracking down now not
only is best for students, it will also create a better climate for learning.
And it's certainly good PR (public relations)."

Yes, let's suspend 6-year-olds because it's good PR.

It's not good PR here at Right On The Left Coast, you morons.

The policy at the school where the 1st grader was suspended?

The Brockton public schools' policy guide defines sexual harassment as
"repeated, unwanted, or unwelcomed verbalisms or behaviors of a sexist nature
related to a person's sex or sexual orientation."

The policy includes examples of what is called sexual harassment,
including "uninvited physical contact such as touching, hugging, patting or

Pinching. I wonder how many kids they suspend on St. Patrick's Day.

Starts with M.
Rhymes with "borons."

Update, 2/11/06: The school district admits they screwed up. Ya think?

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