Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thoughts On The Press

Comments on this post show why conservatives have such issues with the mainstream (leftie) media.

The Press have assumed that taking up station on a crag of omniscience, from which they can hurl thunderbolts of denunciation onto whomever they like, is equivalent to Olympian detachment from the situation. In the hypothetical quoted, their ideal is that they should be able to "report" the activity of the terrorist cell, thereby titillating their audience and selling lots of soap, without repercussions from either side.

But Olympian detachment didn't work for the original Olympians, and it sure as Hell isn't going to work for human beings with delusions of grandeur. If they don't choose a side and stick to it, they'll either be assigned one or assumed to be the enemy by all other contenders.

True. Then there's this one:

Would it be so hard to simply grant journalists all the freedoms they desire, after they renounce all ties to their nominal countries of citizenship and apply for green cards as stateless persons? I would have a lot less difficulty with the American Mainstream Media if everyone knew that there was no pretense on anyone's part that they are American citizens and/or serving our nation in any regard.

This would go along way towards cleaning up reportage.

Do you hear that, Walter Cronkite?

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