Friday, January 20, 2006

Racist Crap

If Hillary Clinton's "plantation" comment--before a black crowd in Harlem on Dr. King Day--wasn't race-baiting enough for you, try this dose of US Grade A Choice Racism:

Catastrophes Bad For Blacks

Oh, what a shock. The original story comes from BET.

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Lillian said...

This is just plain stupid!
Obviously the 'victim mentality' has gone beyond the brink of sanity.
As a woman of color I am fully ready to withstand and accept any disaster or calamity, as God empowers me to do so.
I do not consider natural disasters to be color coded, or their source to be discriminatory.
If you live on the Gulf Coast, it just comes with the territory.
The idea is absolutely ludicrous!
Thanks to the Democrats for pushing black folks further into the pits of mental illness.