Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lawsuit Against CTA

As many of my readers are aware, the California Teachers' Association is tacking on an additional $6/month in dues this year, increasing to $12/month next year and $18/month the year after that, specifically to raise money to fight Governor Schwarzenegger's proposed ballot initiatives. To avoid legal hassles they say that this increase is to "service debt", but in statements to the press some spokespeople seem to forget that convenient falsehood and actually tell the truth.

The National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation has filed a lawsuit with regards to this dues increase. Even though it's a class-action lawsuit, I contacted them and told them I'd like to be added as an actual plaintiff. Here is their response, which I have permission to post:

Dear Sir,
I came across your website (http://rightontheleftcoast.blogspot.com/2005/09/protesting-your-loss-of-fr_112757722870826317.html) and your post regarding contacting the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation about joining the lawsuit. Below is a response from the lead attorney of the lawsuit to your offer of joining the suit:

Thanks for your support. When I finished trying to get an injunction, later this week, I will be back in touch with you on your offer to help. The lawsuit was filed as a class action on behalf of both members and nonmembers of the CTA. If I am successful in both the injunction and class, you will receive the benefits of the lawsuit. I will know more later this week after I have visited the judge.

Thanks, again.
Milton Chappell
Staff Attorney
Attorney for Plaintiffs and the Requested Class in
Liegmann v. CTA, No. C-05-03828 (N.D. Cal.)

Additionally I would ask are you a member of the CTA or do you pay agency fees? Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

-Patrick Semmens


Patrick T Semmens
Legal Information Assistant
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation
8001 Braddock Road, Suite 600
Springfield, VA 22160

It's a small glimmer of hope.

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