Monday, September 05, 2005

It's About Time, Jerry

Jerry Rice is finally retiring from football.

I say finally because the man is older than I am, and while he's still a good player, he's not the great player that he used to be. It was bad enough when he went from the 49ers to the Raiders (I'm a fan of both teams), but the short stint in Seattle and the attempt in Denver have finally convinced Rice to pack it in. He was never anything but a classy guy both on and off the field, and #80 will always be Rice's number.

Enjoy retirement, Jerry. Others may disagree, but to me you were the best receiver that's played the game. I'll be looking for you in Canton in 5 years. Somehow, I think you'll make it in on the first ballot.


Crackpot Press said...

Wow this is the first time I have ever said this on a "Conservative Blog"

You are 100% right!

Darren said...

Just shows there's hope for you yet!


Bud Hunt said...

I watched Jerry Rice prepare for the season here in Denver. I was excited -- but I understand and respect his decision. If a Raider can wear the Bronco orange for four preseason games -- maybe there's hope for all of us in this world.

The Smack said...

On a sports related tangent.... How about those Falcons? I watched as my team came back in the last few minutes to win over the Huskies. My Dad is flying out for the Army game this year (which is in Falcon Stadium). The Black Knights better watch out, Fisher de Berry and the Falcons have their number. "Rim'em with the beak, tear'em with a claw, bring on the meat wagon raw raw raw.

Darren said...

Smack--don't get arrogant. It's easy, especially at Air Force, but don't fall prey to it. Given Army's (lack of) success the last few years, I don't think getting all hyped up for a win is such a big deal. It's like getting hyped up for the sun's rising, unfortunately :(

History isn't on our side. When was the last time Army won in Falcom Stadium? Who was President?