Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Moving Today

As you might imagine, blogging will be somewhat "light". Take a day off of Right on the Left Coast. Go out an enjoy the sunshine, or whatever the local weather is at your location. We can talk again tomorrow!

Update, 8/4/05 9:23 am: I ache. Moving is physically taxing, too, not just emotionally and mentally taxing. I only got about 3/4 my belongings moved, but at least we got all the big stuff. I still don't have a kitchen in the new place--I'm not pleased with my kitchen remodel company right now.

For the next 2 days or so my attention will be focused on preparing for my trip to Canada with my son. As a result, blogging will be light for the next couple days and non-existent for a week or so after that. I encourage my legions (cough cough) of readers to check back on here on August 16th, by which time I should have a new post.

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