Sunday, February 13, 2005

Political Correctness Indoctrination

On Friday at our school we had what everyone agrees was the best, most entertaining rally in years. Kudos to those who put it on.

In honor of GALA (Guys attend, ladies ask--different term for Sadie Hawkins) there were several different Battle of the Sexes competitions throughout the week, culminating in events at the rally. One rally competition had a woman counselor, and her male husband/chem teacher, do sumo wrestling. They were outfitted with these huge padded costumes complete with those cloth "thongs" that sumos wear. They looked hilarious, and the overstuffed padding (think pillows all over their bodies--where do you rent those types of costumes?) made them waddle instead of walk. When one would fall over during the wrestling, people had to go lift them back up to their feet. Loved it when one would fall over and the other would body slam--then they were both helpless and had to be picked up. Wildly entertaining!

Talking about it in one of my classes, I said, "I think it was racially insensitive because we were making fun of the ancient Japanese tradition of the sumo." There was a pause as students thought about it, and then one said, "You know, you're right. I hadn't thought about that."


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BigT said...

that was a great rally wasnt it? i had a great time as a member of the male side, screaming cheers like, "make a sandwich!", "stay home mother!" and "penis power!" i had a blast. honestly, i think one of the reasons this rally was above the others in quality, was the fact that there was no readers theater. RT has gotten so weak these last few years, and its a shame. they used to be so funny!